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Re: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 26/01/07, Joe Klemmer <klemmerj webtrek com> wrote:
> As soon as Microsoft rereleases IE for Linux this will cease to be a
> linux/windows issue. The fact is that there is no working web browser
> for linux.

$DEITY how I wanted to flame the hell out of this idiotic comment. But I'll refrain and say that I have three working web browsers on my FC5
box; Firefox, Opera and Dillo.  Konquerer is installed as well as all
kinds of other stuff but I don't use them. I don't need to as there isn't
anything that doesn't work.

By "working" I meant that they could check the site in question. If
someone _needs_ that site, and a browser (by fault of it's own, or by
the site's fault) will not display it, then something is broke. As far
as the end-user is concerned, Windows will show the site and Linux
will not.

Dotan Cohen


I cannot expect to run a random, made for windows, .exe file on Linux.
Is Linux broken?  Doesn't Linux adhere to standards? (cynical of me)

What users, management, and most programmers do not understand, is this:
If you use Microsoft Development tools (including web development tools) no-one can use your application unless they are on MS Windows.

Yes, there are exceptions if you know what you are doing. But strait out of the box, Microsoft development tools are DESIGNED to promote lock-in to Microsoft Windows.

Third party ISVs are strongly 'encouraged' to do the same thing.
For instance: Most web builder tools and middle ware will default to generating Active X instead of Java, even though they are capable of either. Since it works out of the box on the development platform, programmers and management don't even consider whether or not the web application adheres to industry standards.

So back to your comment:

As long as most programmers and management continue to blindly use MS development tools, the lock-in will continue to extend to web services, and that is EXACTLY what MS wants.

So ask yourself:  What do YOU want?

I will take my freedom and go home, thank you.

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