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Re: Too many processes question.

Les wrote:
On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 18:24 -0500, Matthew J. Roth wrote:

I hope this is helpful,
Thanks, Matthew,
	I understand the system limitations.  But I want to run within these
physical limitations.  Your response is a good start. Beagled and
Yumupdatesd and spamd are all goners, at least for now.

I know that I can buy more memory or a faster processor, but I am
working on something that must run on such hardware and I would prefer
to keep it as is.

Les H

If you need to run on such a small base system, you may want to look at a different version of Linux. There are some packages designed just for small systems and kiosks. Do some searches.

Note, in a thread about the NSA, there was talk of the effect of SELINUX on the speed of Fedora. Again, depending on your application, you may need to build your own kernel.

Good luck.

Robin Laing

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