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Re: question about yum install dependency conflict

Fei Liu wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

Running "postresolve" handler for "installonlyn" plugin
Error: dcom conflicts with wine

# rpm -qa|grep dcom

Have you thought to remove dcom from the system and then installing wine?



Jim, thanks for the link. Unfortunately dcom is used as a license agent on my linux box for a commercial software. I am afraid I cannot just uninstall dcom. I am looking for a way to ask yum just to install wine ignoring the conflict, because I can just turn off the dcom service (stop the dcop daemon) when I use wine, vice versa.


That makes it a bit tough to overcome. There are several bad ways to get wine to install regardless of the conflict. They are sort of bad ways.

One way is to remove the database entry for dcom and dcom-devel so yum does not know of it existing and does not consider the conflict. Yum then will be happy to install wine and its other components. dcom will still be present, it will just not be regarded as being present. The option to remove just the database entry is 'rpm -e --justdb dcom dcom-license'

The only other better option would be to find another version of wine or dcom that both agree would not clash with each other. I could not give any more suggestions since I use neither program that much. I did play a bit with wine for curiosity but no serious usage.


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