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Re: Kmail offline

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 26 January 2007 13:30, Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy wrote:
>> Why are you trying to use fonts in /root/.fonts? Are you running your
>> GUI sessions as root?
> Usually, otherwise the stuff I want to do fails to open a path to the 
> x-session when I sudo or su -.  Kino was one such app that I could run as 
> a user even when I did the su thing to gain access to the ieee1394 
> hardware.

I am sorry. I will not help you with problems running GUI as root. Basically you
have problems because this is not intended usage of the system. I CAN help you
run kino as a regular user though. BTW, does kino not run as a use weather or
not you have selinux enabled? If so, why did you bring it up as an argument
against selinux?

> For the manpage writers we're being saddled with maybe.  As for the aged 
> references, I've done a lot of been there's and done that's in 72 years.

In the world of modern computing more or less anything is outdated after 6-12
months. So yes, 3-4 years is stone age and your age is irrelevant to this

> Here is the strace down to the first failure:
> -------------------------------

> write(2, "/usr/share/fonts: failed to writ"..., 40/usr/share/fonts: failed 
> to write cache
> ) = 40

I think the strace is incomplete. This write() call is trying to write to file
handle 2 and I don't see any open() call that returns 2.

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