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Re: Kmail offline

On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 15:59 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

> OTOH this FC6 system has been strange from the gitgo, like having to go 
> find a bunch of cron related files from the old FC2 install and copy them 
> over before cron would run.  None of its config and reference files were 
> installed by anaconda.  They simply weren't there.  And all the rpm 
> checking I could get it to do said the install was all right.  Yeah, 
> sure.
which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Little doubt in my mind that copying the files over from an FC-2 box to
a new FC-6 install would create a bunch of problems with selinux which
of course you can't solve because the man pages aren't up to your
standards. While you ***may*** have solved the problems by disabling
selinux (I say may because as of yesterday, you were still uncertain
whether you had actually disabled selinux), I am reasonably convinced by
your recollections of what you have done to your install that most of
these problems are self inflicted.

To that end, the fonts in /root - they didn't get there from installing
the msttcorefonts package because even if you build the rpm as root,
they would be put into /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES, and when you install the
rpm (obviously as root), they go into /usr/share/fonts/msttcorefonts
directory and the only way for them to get into /root is to manually
copy them there...and by your post yesterday, the security contexts
would have changed exactly as they had by doing something similar to...
cp -r /usr/share/fonts/msttcorefonts /root

It is clear that your pattern continues to take the easy path -
regardless of the implications for system safety, whether it is how you
log in, use the Desktop as root, build packages as root, install
directly from tarballs instead of building rpms, etc. and thus, it is of
little surprise that you claim a disproportionate amount of problems
related to packaging. The thing about packaging is the consistency...and
if there was a problem with the packaging, everyone who installed the
same packages (which is basically everyone since we are talking about
vixie cron), would have had the same problem - unless of course, the
packagers had some means to single you out at installation time.


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