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Re: Please cancel my subscription

From: "Gene Heskett" <gene heskett verizon net>

On Friday 26 January 2007 16:29, Nigel Henry wrote:
It would just be a nice thing if there was some way of helping folks who
are having problems with unsubscribing , rather than this pathetic
thread which makes us look like a load of Linux idiots.

Can we please end this thread.


Nigel, the problem in most cases is the placement of the unsubscribe
links.  Many email agents clip off anything after the "newline dash dash
space" signature delimiter, so they never, ever see the unsubscribe

1) Such email agents are their own just punishment.
2) I never use a delimiter on my signature. But then I tend to use an
  EXTREMELY austere signature as I presume most have noted. {^_-}

Maybe they should be prepended to the message so that they appear above
the 'so and so wrote' line?  I don't have any alternate suggestions that
would make a reader read it everytime unless it could be made to flash or

That would have a positive benefit as seen by the anal retentives who
insist every comment to an email message absolutely must, without any
reservation, be posted below the quoted material - which concept is dead
wrong on two counts. Interspersed comments are better. And sometimes
top posting is the right thing to do, particularly after the first comment
involved top posting. It's the polite thing to do. But then, this group
doesn't know polite from its arse in the ground.

{^_-} Joanne, getting out her hobnailed 5" heel boots.
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