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Re: Kmail offline

On Sat January 27 2007, Craig White wrote:
> if you want to learn selinux, go through the above link - which probably
> is the best selinux information that you will find anywhere on the web.
> As Anne has discovered, the selinux list (also a Red Hat list) is a
> place where you can get specific questions answered. Whining about the
> man pages is a cop out

For a good long time on this list, Craig, you've been whining about other 
people whining. Does that make you feel good? Superioooooor? I just got an 
excellent Camembert over at Costco this evening - would you like me to send 
you a slice to have with your w_ine? 

It's a shame, because you do know a lot, and your other info was useful. 

Personally, I didn't have a very fruitful experience over on theSelinux list, 
which I did subscribe to for a good long while. Maybe I should set up an 
email account as 'Claudia' - that gender-thing seems to get certain otherwise 
curmudgeon-tempered males around here to suddenly turn real helpful. I posted 
several questions over on that list when I was subbed that weren't answered 
at all - the one I remember getting a response to was so cryptic that it 
didn't really help...

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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