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help installing FC6


I try to install FC6.

I made some LVM partitionning from FC4 before (I have several disks and
want to keep FC4 as long as FC6 is not fully configurated...)

I booted on the fc6-dvd, came accross the manual partionning (accepted),
then up to the sceen: "reading informations for installation" no
problems and suddenly an ununderstable message for me:

"an error occured while unmounting CD-ROM (why does it want to unmount
the dvd?....) *check if you do not access /mnt/source from shell* on
tty2, then click OK to retry"

well, well, well

I think tty2 is on Ctrl-Alt F2; gone there and saw a shell prompt:

# df


tried to umount manually /mnt/source

#umount /mnt/source

answer: /mnt/source: no such a file or directory!!!!!

#ls /mnt

... source ....

What shall I do?

Thank for replies

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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