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Re: Kmail offline

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 01:53 -0500, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sat January 27 2007, Craig White wrote:
> > if you want to learn selinux, go through the above link - which probably
> > is the best selinux information that you will find anywhere on the web.
> > As Anne has discovered, the selinux list (also a Red Hat list) is a
> > place where you can get specific questions answered. Whining about the
> > man pages is a cop out
> For a good long time on this list, Craig, you've been whining about other 
> people whining. Does that make you feel good? Superioooooor? I just got an 
> excellent Camembert over at Costco this evening - would you like me to send 
> you a slice to have with your w_ine? 
I'm not sure why you wanted to make this personal but I suppose you have
your reasons. I am going to resist your bait and not defend myself here.
> It's a shame, because you do know a lot, and your other info was useful. 
> Personally, I didn't have a very fruitful experience over on theSelinux list, 
> which I did subscribe to for a good long while. Maybe I should set up an 
> email account as 'Claudia' - that gender-thing seems to get certain otherwise 
> curmudgeon-tempered males around here to suddenly turn real helpful. I posted 
> several questions over on that list when I was subbed that weren't answered 
> at all - the one I remember getting a response to was so cryptic that it 
> didn't really help...
I'm not sure whether there's a gender thing or not. I do find that on
mail lists, questions that are specific get specific answers and
questions that are general get more general answers and as I said
previously in the thread, selinux does have a certain amount of
denseness that is apparent in the questions that people often ask. I
know that I have not had to resort to gender impersonation in order to
get answers from the selinux list.

I think that your cynicism regarding gender and the selinux list
probably relates more to your own perceptions than to reality.

Having tracked down an issue with selinux, postgresql and pam/ldap
authentication on a CentOS 4 system not too long ago, I recognize the
frustration of life with selinux and it took several days of questioning
both the postgresql and selinux lists before I got it resolved and ended
up leaving my solution on the postgresql list in case someone follows
down the same path or even better, for Tom Lane (one of the principle
postgresql developers and rpm packager for Red Hat) to use.

There are some that curse the darkness and those that light candles.


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