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Re: Not a problem, but feature request idea.

On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 13:50 +1100, David Hunter wrote:
> One thing that does frustrate me with the yum updates daemon is that
> it tells you how many updates there are to your system, but when you
> select the option in the gnome menu to get the updates, it downloads
> the metadata again. Is it possible for the yum update daemon to pass
> the names of the updates to pup without pup downloading the list
> again? Or is it too much work involved? 
I believe that the way things work is that the first indicator simply
looks at the packages that you have installed and tells you if any have
updates available.

Upon launching the updater, it loads the metadata in order to resolve
any dependencies that are required for packages (and they can change),
thus the two operations are significantly different.

The yum-updatesd process may or may not be running on systems but that
doesn't preclude the need for yum/pup to download the metadata upon
launch in order to look at the packages needing update and of course the
need to resolve dependencies that need to be installed/updated in order
to satisfy the installation.


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