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Re: Update Repository OLD-VERSIONS

> I suggest Fedora add a new directory to repository "Old Packages". That
> way the most recent but one version is still avail;able for regression
> if needs be.

I think that there would have to be an entry, in Fedora news, pointing to "problematic"
packages and the solution. Generally, the problem is mapped very fast,
but is not easy sometimes for a person
without experience to realize and then take the appropriate action.
A small note would be sufficient.

Well, there is this list, some people will say ...

>> Normally, there are two versions in the repo. In your case that may
>> not be sufficient depth. How far back do you want to go?

In certain cases there is just the last version. An example?
gphoto2-2.3.1, which does not work with my camera (Canon Powershot 430).
I have to use version 2.2.0 in this case.

Packages I had problems recently:

ntfs-3g (questionably officially downgraded)
autofs (fixed by a newer version)
spamassassin (fixed by a new version)

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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