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Re: New FC6 Installation DVD released -- VDQ

On Saturday 27 January 2007 23:25, Tony Nelson wrote:
> A "reasonable upload speed" is also not too fast, since downloading needs,
> oh, about the usual ratio of download to upload speed that your provider
> gives you in order to download that fast.  Too much upload will choke off
> the download.  I've also seen it oscillate up and down with a period of a
> few minutes.
> What I do is leave the upload speed low during my download, and then
> restart after with a higher upload speed.  I keep going until I've uploaded
> as much as I downloaded, which often takes longer than the download.
> Your download speed may be poor even if you share, if there aren't enough
> other people sharing.
> I use the command line client bittorrent-curses:
>     bittorrent-curses --max_upload_rate 40 <torrent name>.torrent
> My connectin is 3MB/768K.

It's also worth mentioning that speeds can vary enormously.  They are often 
slow at first, picking up gradually.   However, if you get one that doesn't 
pick up, sometimes it pays to stop the transfer and restart a few minutes 
later.  I think that sometimes that allocates you a different server-link 
that may be faster.  At least that has been my experience.


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