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Re: Way to make distant servers to appear to have the same data ?

David Timms wrote:
What is the most effective, most robust way to allow servers that are quite distant, and on slow networks "appear" to have the same content ?

In my example, the content is read/write at 4 sites. Hopefully the system should make caching possible for files that were originally at another site. If a file were not already cached, then it would get loaded across the slow network.

redhat global file system appears to be designed to do this:
but then talks about storage area network or LAN connections rather than slow wan links.

http://www.drbd.org/ raid across machines?

I did see a few other projects designed to solve this sort of problem, but I am having trouble finding them now {search hints ?}


Has anybody used / appraised coda ?

David Timms.

OpenAFS (http://www.openafs.org) is the perfect piece of software for this. We used the commercial version of this way back in the 90's when I worked for NIH. It's designed for WAN's and uses a local cache for content. It is somewhat complicated so it's not some install it and run it application.


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