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Re: iscsi initiator and mounting lvm on startup

Il giorno mer, 24/01/2007 alle 19.19 +0100, Sander Hoentjen ha scritto:
> Thank you very much for taking the time to answer!
> The machine is remote so I cannot see it when booting. Is there any way
> to see the errors after startup?
You can check with the dmesg command or reading the log.
First /var/log/messages... and after some other log, but it depends.
Normally the messages is enough

> # ls /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/
> K02avahi-dnsconfd            K69rpcsvcgssd      K89netplugd         S05kudzu        S13iscsi       S25bluetooth  S55cups      S95anacron
> K02dhcdbd                    K73ypbind          K89pand             S06cpuspeed     S13mcstrans    S25netfs      S55sshd      S95atd
> K02NetworkManager            K74nscd            K89rdisc            S08ip6tables    S13portmap     S25pcscd      S58ntpd      S97yum-updatesd
> K02NetworkManagerDispatcher  K80kdump           K91capi             S09isdn         S14nfslock     S26apmd       S60vsftpd    S98avahi-daemon
> K05saslauthd                 K85mdmpd           K92iptables         S10network      S15mdmonitor   S26hidd       S80sendmail  S98haldaemon
> K10psacct                    K87multipathd      K99microcode_ctl    S10restorecond  S18rpcidmapd   S28autofs     S85gpm       S99firstboot
> K20nfs                       K88wpa_supplicant  K99readahead_later  S12syslog       S19rpcgssd     S44acpid      S85httpd     S99local
> K24irda                      K89dund            S04readahead_early  S13irqbalance   S22messagebus  S55apf        S90crond     S99smartd
> So If I understand correctly network goes up, then iscsi and then netfs.. That should be the right order I think. I hope you have some more suggestions.

This should be the right sequence.
I don't understand what appens.
Maybe something need a modules that can't be loaded at boot time,
because you need to recreate the init ram disk (initrd).
This can explain why you can use it after boot.

What kind of partition are /boot and /?

If you read the messages log and you see something strange, post it


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