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Re: fedora-list Digest, Vol 35, Issue 274

I'm not sure I'd say I'm as "devoted" to it, as dependent on it being present to send data out for a legacy email reminder system that's triggered via a cron job each day. I could probably rewrite everything to use crons, or probably cobble together some perl scripts to parse the calendar data file manually, but was hoping to find out why a standard unix command has been dropped.

I did find (via a google search of rpm and calendar-8.4-3) an older version (from 1997) in a path similar to mirrors/ftp.redhat.com/contrib/libc5/i386/. However when I try to install it via rpm I get the following:

root# rpm -Uvh calendar-8.4-3.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        libc.so.5 is needed by calendar-8.4-3.i386

Any ideas, as from my googling about this error, it looks like it's just a very old package (libc.so.5) that's not supported any more?


Ah, a fellow devotee of "calendar" ....   Glad to know I'm not alone!

I also like this program and was dismayed when it disappeared from
the Red Hat / Fedora Core distributions -- I'm not sure, but it may
have been gone as early as Red Hat 9.  And's not as if Googling for
"calendar" is much use, either.  ("/usr/bin/calendar" as a search
term is somewhat more useful, in my experience, but still not a
sure thing.)

I was able to install it on an FC4 system from an RPM for package
calendar-8.4.3.  I seem to remember that I found the RPM in some
non-standard place, but I don't remember details, and I'm not
finding it right away with calendar-8.4.3 as a search term either.

If no on else suggests anything useful, I'll search further.  I'm
planning to "upgrade" that FC4 system in the near future, so I'll
need to know too.

-- blm

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