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Re: Preparing a USB key for installation

On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 22:36 +0000, Julius Maclean wrote:
> Changing the disk order.
> http://www.jayeola.org/dump/SS-alpha/screenshot-0018.png
> It took me some time to work out what to do here. Funny though as I've
> used the same method to install CentOS from a USB key and this last
> step was never required.

Hmm, it's precisely this sort of thing where unifying all drives
into /dev/sda will be a problem (the new idea of how to manage discs).
If you have a list of /dev/hda and /dev/sda, and so-on, you know what
drive's what, both now, and later on when you boot with a different
arrangement of drives plugged into USB or firewire ports.

We're going to go down the Windows road of drive letter shuffling hell,
with this new idea to pretend that everything is a SCSI drive.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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