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"isolinux: disk error 04" while trying to install

Hi there,

I'm trying to install Fedora Core 6 to an HP Compaq something machine
(don't remm the exact model etc, it was a friend's machine) and I get
the following error: "isolinux: disk error 04, AX=4280, drive 9F".

I insert the first install CD, it shows me the menu where I can choose
options, I press ENTER, I get the message that says "loading linux",
then "loading initrd", followed by a bunch of dots, and then the whole
thing just waits for upto a minute. Finally I get the error message

I know the CDs are fine coz I've used them to install FC6 on a bunch
of other machines. And I know the CD drive of the machine in question
too is fine coz I have installed other Linuces on it. Maybe its
something to do with the interaction between the FC CD and this
particular CD drive ... dunno.

I'm too lazy to take out the CD drive and try with another one. So I
am wondering if I can install FC6 from a floppy (that machine has a
floppy drive). The install docs don't talk about installing from
floppies ... is that still possible, or do I have to boot through USB?

I wonder why I am getting this error though ... strange.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ suggestions ...


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