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Re: border problem with compiz

Today Manu G.V did spake thusly:

when i enable desktop effects the borders of the windows disappear. I have
installed nvidia driver from freshrpms. I have tried beryl also and the
borders doesn't disappear in that. I have GeForce Go 6150 inbuilt card. How
can i solve this border poblem.
i have another problem also when i play videos they get stuck in between
frequently(more frequently with beryl) with desktop-effects enabled and with
disabled desktop-effects videos work fine.
I would be thankful for all your suggestions and help.
I have attached xorg.conf file to the mail.

Sounds like an error starting compiz. If your menus aren't wobbly when you use them then there's something stopping compiz running. Try opening a console window and typing compiz --replace

If there's a problem then compiz will tell you why it doesn't want to work. You can type "metacity &" to get a window manager back again.

If your menus are wobbly but you have no window borders, type "gnome-window-decorator &" in a console and see if they appear.

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