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OT: Python, Zope and Pone (RHEL v4)


My department has chosen Plone as a CMS tool.  We already have a RHEL V4 server we would like to host this on.  RHEL V4 comes with Python 2.3.4, Plone requires Zope which requires Python 2.4.3.  I could not find an RPM package for it, so before I compile and install it I was going to remove Python 2.3.4; there are tons of dependences I would rather not remove.  I don't want to mess up this system because it is a production server (used very little) and looking for guidance on how to proceed.  Should I install yum and point it to some Fedora sources for Python, Zope and Plone?  Is there a source out there for newer Python, Zope and Plone that I did not find (I googled for them)? 

I would like to install all the packages by RPM, makes it easier to track what is installed on a system.

Thank you,
Jamie Bohr
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