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Re: Installing Fedora Core 6 from USB

On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 22:04 +0400, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> Hi there!
> Has anybody tried installing Fedora Core 6 from USB? I understand one
> has to download the diskboot.img file, dd it to the USB disk (dd
> if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sda), and that's it. I did these steps, but am
> unable to boot from the USB! My machine just bypasses the USB stick as
> if there was nothing bootable on it.


I posted a reply to another thread about this earlier this morning. If
you read the other thread (titled "Preparing a USB key for
installation") I have some tips. In particular, you don't need to dd the
drive and remove the partition table.

When you use the diskboot.img file you will remove the partition table
from the disk. This is normally OK, but your BIOS might not like it. In
any event, you won't be able to use the full space on your drive, so I
recommend you use GRUB instead.

-- Evan Klitzke

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