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Re: kernel BUG at lib/kernel_lock.c:83! - 2.6.19-1.2895.fc6


I'm simply reporting this "kernel bug", it seems that whenever NVidia drivers are loaded and there's a problem everyone automatically "blames" Nvidia for it, and in my experience, Nvidia drivers are very very rarely the cause of such problems. I've been using NVidia drivers since FC1 (and actually RH 7.1) with very little problems.

Also, some of these bugs are really hard to reproduce or completely unpredictable, just look out some of my previous posts with and without tainted kernels.

As for your useless "tainted" responses, I'm afraid falls on deaf ears, if you cannot see the "usefulness" of my posts, please don't respond to them.


p.s. shouldn't you be posting in plain text  and not html :)

Todd Zullinger wrote:
dexter wrote:
If you still get crashes after you remove the nvidia binary blob,
then bugzilla will be happy to see you :-) otherwise closed source
is not fixable.

And reboot too.  The kernel is tainted for good once the binary module
is loaded and only a reboot without the module will fix that, removing
the module isn't enough.  :-)

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