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RPM Updates

   Would someone please tell me how's this done?

   Vanilla FC6 installs


   However, running rpm updates, it wants:


...notice the -static one in there. Apparently -devel wants the -static one as well. Which is fine, however I can't just install -static with -ivh because it wants the -devel at the same time. And I can't update the -devel one through -Fvh because -static isn't installed.

Someone explain to me why this "chicken and egg" scenario exists in various packages (I'm takling of previous versinos of FC here)? It has been like that for years with some package or another. And chances are a bunch of you are going to sing it in chorus to me: use yum. Well fine, however that still does not solve the underlying problem of why this is happening in the first place nor how to successfully solve it with rpm, instead of switching to yum.

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