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Re: RPM Updates

On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 16:26 -0500, James Kosin wrote:

> > yum.  Well fine, however that still does not solve the underlying
> > problem of why this is happening in the first place nor how to
> > successfully solve it with rpm, instead of switching to yum.
> >
> ... it happens on occasion,
> (a)  Download the 3 update files, or find them in the up2date cache or
> yum cache or wherever you downloaded them originally.
> (b)  Try 'rpm -ivh elfutils-libelf-*.rpm' or 'rpm -Fvh
> elfutils-libelf-*.rpm'.
> (c)  That should work.

rpm -Uh elfutils-*.rpm

would also work.

rpm looks at the complete requested transaction. So -Uh *.rpm would see
that the older devel package is being replaced by new one to satisfy
static dependency and that static is being installed to satisfy new
devel dependency.

yum localisntall elfutils-*.rpm

would also work, but he doesn't want to yum for whatever his reasons.

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