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Re: Anyone using SUSPEND on a Linux Laptop?

clemens dwf com wrote:
I have read the cautions in SWSUSP and SUSPEND2, and wonder if
anyone is actually using either of these on a Laptop?

There seem to be so many caveats, (a) stop devices before suspending, unload drivers
    (b) USB wont be there when you come back
    (c) and on and on.

That I have to wonder how useful either of these actually is.

If I were trying to put this on MY machine I would just do the experiments,
but this is for a friends machine that I am setting up, and I would rather NOT
install this stuff at all than give him something that would cause more grief than

I use suspend extensively (both to ram and to hard disk). I've only noticed problems with network connections (both LAN and WLAN because DHCP doesn't re-run on waking up) and sound (though that deals with a bug in Flash). All other things seem to keep working. My USB mouse continues to work during suspends. I don't have any specific problems with drivers, but I don't have any high tech graphics card which appear to cause more problem (just a generic Intel integrated video card).

Mostly the functionality will all depend upon the hardware within the computer.

Hope this helps a bit.

Justin W

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