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Re: Certain screensavers lock my machine up

David G. Miller wrote:
Ed Gurski <ed gurski com> wrote:

I've run into the same problem and with a little bit of digging I found
the Kaleidoscope was the screen save locking up my machine. I have
unselected it and have now been running for 24 hours without a


I just tried the Kaleidoscope preview for about a minute before replying to your post and it worked just fine. Could be there are a swarm of separate bugs that are dependent on things like the specific video card, nv driver vs. Nvidia binary driver, amount of installed memory, speed of the box, phase of the moon, etc. I'll try running just Kaleidoscope for a while and see if I get a lock up.


Just a quick follow up... I've been running Kaleidoscope as my only screensaver since sending the previous message (01/15/2007 05:10 PM). No problems. I rebooted to pick up the 2895 kernel so one reboot during the period but current uptime is a hair over nine days.


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