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Re: Anyone using SUSPEND on a Linux Laptop?

On 30/01/07, clemens dwf com <clemens dwf com> wrote:
I have read the cautions in SWSUSP and SUSPEND2, and wonder if
anyone is actually using either of these on a Laptop?

There seem to be so many caveats,
    (a) stop devices before suspending, unload drivers
    (b) USB wont be there when you come back
    (c) and on and on.

That I have to wonder how useful either of these actually is.

If I were trying to put this on MY machine I would just do the experiments,
but this is for a friends machine that I am setting up, and I would rather NOT
install this stuff at all than give him something that would cause more grief

I'm not sure if my FC6 Dell is going to Sleep or Suspend when I close
the lid, but either way it works. I've had no problems with it
whatsoever. USB works, wireless and wired connectivily works. No

Dotan Cohen


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