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Re: audio problems in fc 6

On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 16:46 +0530, Manu G.V wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestions Rick. 
> >>On 1/29/07, Rick Sewill <rsewill cableone net> wrote:
> >>My first guess is to assume you are using ALSA to control sound.
> >ALSA is the default.
> yes ALSA is the default 
> >My second guess is to assume entries were made in
> >your /etc/modprobe.conf associating sound cards with drivers. 
> >I believe entries are made during the Fedora installation process.
> >In my case, I have the following /etc/modprobe.conf file.
> >rsewill rsewill:~ <2:23> $ more /etc/modprobe.conf
> i have the same output as yours. 
>     Audio works fine but there is no sound in Torcs. I can play music
> and all, I was told by someone that, when i run this command there
> should be a beep, which i don't get. I see my friends get a beep sound
> when they run this command in their PCs. 
> $cat "file name" > /dev/dsp

cat "file name" > /dev/dsp does not make any sound for me either.

> So i am trying to figure out is there any problem with my sound(i too
> don't know much). 

I installed torcs.  It is a car racing game.  I have a 64 bit machine.
The game does not work well on my machine.  It is jerky.  

After starting torcs, I select options -> Sound 
It says "Sound System:" and there are three choices.
openal, plib, and disabled.
"openal" seems to work best for me.  I could get statically noise from

I next had to "Configure Players" and configured player 1.

I next went to Race -> Configure Race 
It said, Select Track, Accept a track layout
Select a play from the right hand side, 
click (De)Select so the player appears in the left hand box

Accept practice options

Select New Race, it showed this yellow race car.

Pushing the up arrow caused the car to move.  
I had the sound of a car engine.

My best guess is either the incorrect Sound System: is selected or sound
on my system is configured differently than for your system.

I hope it is a configuration option in the game that is wrong.
If not, we need to compare the configuration for sound for our systems.

My machine is running Fedora Core 6, 64 bit.  I try to have the latest
updates.  I tend to install tons of stuff, out of curiosity. Tracking
down what I have installed or configured that is different from your
configuration will take time assuming it is something I installed.

> thanks
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> manu 
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