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Re: Inconsistent behaviour of menus

Today Steven Stern did spake thusly:

Tim wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 13:50 +0100, Alexander Volovics wrote:
If you click on 'Applications', 'Places' or 'System' on the panel
you can, seemingly at random, get:

- the full menu
- a truncated menu with scroll arrows

Haven't seen that.  You should also state which Window Manager you're
using (KDE, Gnome, something else...).

I see the same thing, using Gnome.  Thanks to the OP for the question.

It's someone copying a bad UI decision by Microsoft that they've long since abandoned ;)

If your menus are long, they are truncated, with only the most frequently used applications appearing and then an extra arrow to expand the menu to its full size. After expanding the menu, it'll "remember" for a short time that you want to see it expanded, before reverting back to the previous behaviour...

I'm nowhere near Gnome at the moment (which should /so/ be a song title) but http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-5309/6mkpaojcl may help? If not, I may be able to help more when I'm home and can fiddle...

Alternatively, organise your menus into submenus and you'll see that they no longer do this (I've never noticed gnome doing this because I've got no long menus)

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