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Re: DVD choppy

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Yummed it in. Turns out that the drive is a TS-L632D. Googling it
> leads me to believe that the drive is IDE, so the solutions provided
> here do not apply. But why is it mounted as /dev/s*** if it's IDE? I
> thought that was reserved for SATA devices.
> How does one enable DMA on an IDE drive, assuming that he knows it's
> mounted on /dev/scd0?

When the drive is treated as a SATA device I don't think you can get
DMA enabled properly.  That's what the hdc=noprobe is for, though in
your case the hdc part must need adjusted if your drive isn't
connected the same way as mine is, for example.  The link that Kevin
posted to the fedoraforum.org posting is another method that should
achieve a similar thing AFAIK.  When I installed FC5 on my laptop I
messed around with various methods and the noprobe was the simplest
one that worked for me.

To be sure that you are even having the same problem, does any reading
from your dvd drive (data, cd, dvd) cause your system to become
sluggish?  For me, without the noprobe my mouse pointer will stutter
across the screen when I'm reading something from the dvd drive.

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