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Re: audio problems in fc 6

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 00:33 +0530, Manu G.V wrote:
> On 1/30/07, Rick Sewill <rsewill cableone net> wrote:
>         >I installed torcs.  It is a car racing game.  I have a 64 bit
>         machine.
>         >The game does not work well on my machine.  It is jerky.
>         >After starting torcs, I select options -> Sound
>         >It says "Sound System:" and there are three choices. 
>         >openal, plib, and disabled.
> i too have same sound options.
>         >"openal" seems to work best for me.  I could get statically
>         noise from
>         >"plib".
>         But none of them work. I don't get any sound from any option.
>         >Pushing the up arrow caused the car to move. 
>         >I had the sound of a car engine.
>         i don't get any engine sound  :(
> >My best guess is either the incorrect Sound System: is selected or
> sound
> >on my system is configured differently than for your system. 
> How can i know that incorrect sound system is selected?

I am afraid you have me stumped.  

As a last gasp attempt, I tried searching the Internet.
I found references to playing games in general, not just torcs.

One person had problems with sounds with one game in kde, I think it
might have been torcs, but it could also have been quake, but not gnome.

Then, another person pointed out they should check Sound Preferences
under the System menu.  There was a discussion about some games working
better with one sound system than another.  I do not know what to think.

Sound systems improve, hopefully, over time.  What was good advice a
year ago may not be good advice now.

When I examine my Sound Preferences under the System menu,
I find I have the following:
Sound Events
  Sound Playback: Autodetect

Music and Movies
  Sound Playback: Autodetect

Audio Conferencing
  Sound Playback: Autodetect
  Sound Capture:  ALSA - Advance Linux Sound Architecture

I do not know if it would help, but I would next try changing these
settings to see if changing these settings has any affect.  I am
guessing, and it is a guess, these settings control what sound systems
are used by me when I do various things.  I have no suggestion what
settings to change or what values might work.  Please write down the
original settings before making any changes so you can get back to the
original settings.

I fear this suggestion will be a wild goose chase.

I have another thought.  torcs was available via yum.  I downloaded the
latest version available from yum, yesterday.  openal and plib were also
downloaded as torcs was dependent on them.  Is it possible you need to
update to a later release of torcs or openal or plib?

My system has the latest yum updates for Fedora Core 6.  
Is your system up to date?

I do not know what else to suggest.

I wish I could help.  Sorry.

> -- 
> manu 

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