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Re: YUM doesn't not work

seba bino wrote:
> Would appreciate help in solving this one.
> Spent a few days on this problem with no luck.
> Can't run yum. I think this is related to my accidental removal of
> site-packages.
> That i have tried to recover.
> This is my first FC post and am not sure if this output is of any use?
> [root localhost rpm]# rpm -qv rpm
> rpm-4.4.2-32
> [root localhost rpm]# rpm -Uv python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386.rpm
> error: Failed dependencies:
>        rpm = 4.0.5 is needed by python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386
>        python < 2.3 is needed by python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386
>        librpm-4.0.4.so is needed by python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386
>        librpmdb-4.0.4.so is needed by python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386
>        librpmio-4.0.4.so is needed by python-rpm-4.0.5-1.i386
>        rpm-python is needed by (installed) yum-3.0-6.noarch
>        rpm-python>= 4.4 is needed by (installed) smart-0.42-40.fc6.i386

You have rpm-4.4.2-32.  You should install rpm-python-4.4.2-32.  Grab
it from any of the Fedora mirrors.  Use rpm -Uvh rpm-python... to
install it.

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