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Re: Printing header in Firefox -

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 21:08, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I often print pages that I bind and save from firefox.  It is supposed
> to print the Title and URL as a header on each page however all I ever
> get is the very bottom of the letters, not enough to even guess at the
> words.
> I have tried all the available settings but with no success. Print
> Preview shows the header perfectly but unfortunately the printed page
> does not.
> This problem is peculiar to Firefox, Openoffice prints headers and
> footers without a problem.  I am running Firefox version and FC6
> updated this morning.
> Any thoughts on what I might do to fix this?
Can you not change the top margin?

I hate the FF print interface and have changed it to kprinter, where I have 
all the control I want/need.


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