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Re: Printing header in Firefox -

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 16:08, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>I often print pages that I bind and save from firefox.  It is supposed
>to print the Title and URL as a header on each page however all I ever
>get is the very bottom of the letters, not enough to even guess at the
>I have tried all the available settings but with no success. Print
>Preview shows the header perfectly but unfortunately the printed page
>does not.
>This problem is peculiar to Firefox, Openoffice prints headers and
>footers without a problem.  I am running Firefox version and FC6
>updated this morning.
>Any thoughts on what I might do to fix this?
>Bob Goodwin

Its not a firefox problem Bob, its probably your printer, and a missmatch 
of its ppd settings.

I am, today, for the first time ever, seeing all the header and footers FF 
puts in its printouts.  The joy and ecstasy of knowing what page I'm 
reading knows no bounds now.

1. Printer is an elderly Epson C82, system is FC6, quite up2date.
2. I've just last night, built and used checkinstall (that's a trip into 
lala land in itself) the gutenprint20070129 snapshot, with the following 
configure options given as commited to a bash script:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-cups --enable-cups-ppds --enable-cups-level3-ppds --with-gimp2 --with-gimp2-as-gutenprint --enable-libgutenprintui2 --enable-gtk2

3. make clean;make
4. checkinstall -R --inspect
and clean up the mess it makes, both in the rpm header data and the 
filelist that will be included in the rpm.
5. install the rpm it makes which will probably need the --force option 
too if you've put in previous snapshots.
6. Go thru the localhost:631/printers configurations for both the printer 
ppd and its options.
a. Since the C82 officially doesn't do borderless, in the ppd selection 
screen select the C83, which does do them.
b. in the options screen for that printers profile, click borderless to 
yes. Finish up. Print a test page, should be full bleed all around.
7. goto some web page you want to print and do it. As if by magic, the 7 
of the 7 of 24 message at the left end of the footer appears on the 
printout, and by the same magic all the characters of the header are 
printed, edge to edge, but it sure beats clipping them off by 
artificially enforcing the side borders.

When you run the gimp, it will now have a print with gutenprint selection 
in the file menu, and there will also be a print selection if 
gimp-print-4.2.7 is co-installed, but it can be removed with an rpm -e.  

Also, the gimp plugin of gutenprint creates and stores its own profiles 
independently of cups, so you can reset those for the gimps use without 
effecting the cups settings.

Another gotcha is that cups scans the /usr/share/cups/model/* tree to 
populate its ppd selection window with, doing this without regard for any 
renaming you might do beyond that point in the tree.  This can confuse 
the unwary by giving you multiple copies of old ppds in the chooser 
window.  Since ppd's are now built on the fly, rename or delete that 
model directory so that you will know you are using the very latest, 
built on the fly versions.

This is a work in progress so pick a weekend when you don't have anything 
else to do.  The snapshot seems to be updated about every other day.

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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