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Re: OT: dual-core or 64 bit?

On Sunday 28 January 2007 22:07, Jonathan Berry wrote:
> On 1/28/07, Mick Mearns <off_by_1 yahoo com> wrote:
> > Hi list;
> >  this is off topic.
> >
> > I was wondering which is better a dual-core x86 cpu or an x64 cpu?
> > Which is actually faster/better in "normal" use?
> > How about installation problems and hardware cost?
> >
> > I am not planning any upgrades just yet but am curios.
> Why not get a dual-core x86_64 CPU?  All the AMD dual-core chips are
> 64-bit and Intel's Core 2 Duo is 64-bit.  Personally, I like AMD
> better.  There is really no reason to get a 32-bit only CPU anymore.
> If you don't want to run 64-bit yet, you can still run 32-bit just
> fine.  And a 64-bit installation gives you the choice to run both.
> Jonathan

If the List doesn't mind me staying off topic (it's closer to topic than 
servicing a Chevy pickup gearbox I think ;-) ):- Next time I build a new 
computer I'd like to be sure that I can run a Xen kernel with full 
virtualisation. Then when I occasionally need to poke a little finger into 
the Dark Side I can do so without having to shut down and reboot, and keep 
the damned thing backed up so I don't ever need to do a fresh install again.

As I Understand It, if I go for an AMD chip I need to be sure to buy one that 
incorporates technology called Pacifica. Only thing that's troubling me about 
this is, I can't find any mention of Pacifica in connection with AMD chips in 
the component shops.

Also, I believe I can't do it on this P4 computer because it can only do what 
is called paravirtualisation, requiring hooks to be added to the guest OS. 
Which is probably why I could run the 98SE installation CD OK when I played 
with it but it wouldn't boot.

So, List, is the little bit I think I know about virtualisation correct?

Are there chips available now that have Pacifica (such as the AMD Opterons) or 
are they not out yet?


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