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Re: audio problems in fc 6

>> Are you literally typing that in, or substituting the name of a real
>> file where you've got "file name"?

Manu G.V:
> yes i am substituting a name of real file(/etc/fstab) 

Well, don't expect that to work, other than give you strange noises.

I'd try getting your hands on something like an ogg file, then playing
it with "ogg123", or a wav file and playing it with "play".

e.g. ogg123 sound-file.ogg
  or play /usr/share/sounds/generic.wav

You probably have the play command and that generic wav file by default.
If not, you should be able to find one somewhere on your system with a
command line like:  locate wav |grep usr

> I am not getting any weird sounds (i was expecting a beep) when i send
> something to that device that is why i am worried.

I don't know why you expect some random file to make a specific noise,
like a beep.  I can see your problem perhaps being due to a couple of
things:  Expecting something unrealistic, or that your sound card is not
set up right.

You could try running "/usr/bin/system-config-soundcard" to try and fix
the latter.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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