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Re: KVM switch problem

Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:

On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 17:18 -0500, Claude Jones wrote:
> It's good that you and Anne haven't had problems. I had a totally > different experience, and if you click that link I provided, > you'll see that I was not alone. Perhaps some models were better > than others, but, there was sufficient documentation at the time > to convince me to move on to another brand.

Watching this thread, and the woes that a friend has gone through with a
KVM on his Windows boxes, I begin to wonder if the problem is down to a
lack of power to run the devices.  Perhaps some PCs are a bit lacking in
what they'll supply out their ports, and the KVMs are a bit demanding.
Certainly some PCs won't do a wake up from the keyboard, for power
reasons (some have jumpers to change power to the port, for that reason,
some don't).
Had the same thought when trying to correct mouse weirdnesses with my Belkin KVM. I bought one of their auxiliary power supplies and it made no difference at all. The weirdness I ran into is my mouse goes "nuts" when I change systems using the KVM. It jumps all over the place, signals various "button down" events, etc. The solution seems to be to just unplug the mouse from the KVM whenever I switch systems and plug it back in after the switch. Weird. The keyboard and monitor switch with no problems.


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