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Re: "isolinux: disk error 04" while trying to install

> Rakesh means sun in Hindi. You probably know that, I just thought I'd
> mention. Similar to Ra in Egyptian. Rakesh is probably a hangover from
> some Egyptian-Indian connection. :)

the 'esh' means beloved? I've studied under Ananda Marga society for the
last 3 years or so.  The only problem is the onions, garlic and meat
bans for level 3. That's BBQ! <eeks> When I lose my teeth, I'll go
there. <smiles>

Mmm, I don't think "esh" means beloved. I don't know what it means
actually. Its just there at the end of most names ... doesn't have any
particular meaning as far as I know. :)

Here's a pretty thorough link that I found through googling:


Hope something here helps. In the end, it just could be a bad CD burn.

Thank you for that Ric. :)

I finally managed to solve the problem. I just re-burnt the CD at the
slowest speed I could, and tried. That worked! So I manage to install
FC 6 that way.

Funny thing is, the drive supports my CD the way it originally was. As
in, it read the CD and that's why isolinux got loaded in the first
place. And after installing FC 6 I was able to mount the original CD
and view its contents. And not just that, during install, I was able
to use the other CDs without having to re-burn them to a slower speed.
Quite strange. I suspect it must be some isolinux bug or something ...
whatever, re-burning at slower speeds helped! :)


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