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Re: DVD choppy

On 31/01/07, dexter <ddmbox2 yahoo co uk> wrote:

My thoughts, Kaffine & Kplayer bork but vlc works this to me would indicate a
player problem & not hardware

I would think so too, but vlc may be able to cope with misconfigured
hardware better than some other programs. Actually, that's been
mention on a forum (windows forum, however, not linux forum)

as your box has plenty o' "beef" but saying
that and taking alan's jaded memory into account :-) this line reg02:
from /proc/mtrr don't look right to me the size=16MB should be 256MB
representing physical video ram. ???

In the BIOS it says I've only got 128MB RAM. Maybe Dell shipped the wrong parts?

Hey dotan you always have the best
problems and this one's got me also, but on the bright-side vlc is a quality
player, Sorry no solution.

Yeah, I also feel that I sometimes give this list a run for it's
money. But I actually enjoy learning from the brains here, and I hope
to get to the point where I'm contributing as well.

Dotan Cohen


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