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Re: Printing header in Firefox -

Tim wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 22:07 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
"One set of margins sits inside the other."  Perhaps I have a
problem here, I never did quite figure why there were two places for
setting the top [all four] margin.  Can you shed some light on that?

I've had similar fun and problems (sarcastic tone) with margins and that
same about-the-page information getting cropped off.

When you go to print and the print dialogue pops up (you'll probably
have to initiate printing from the menu, not a hotkey or toolbar icon,
to get it to pop up), it has options for how the printer will print the
page (page size, dimensions, etc., that set the printing area.  It will
let you set things to print beyond the point that the printer can
actually print.

Firefox's "page setup" menu item, just above "print", in the file menu,
sets out how Firefox will create pages to be printed.  What bits of
information appear where (top left page title, bottom middle page count,
and so on), and the gaps around that information and the page body

You'd want to play with them both, the first one as suits your printer,
the second one as suits the fonts being used around the page and the
page content.

+--------paper edge-------------+
|                               |
|  +-- printable area margin -+ |
|  |  info about pages        | |
|  | +----- page margin ----+ | |
|  | |                      | | |
|  | | actual page content  | | |

And so on...

I can remember going through this bother with desk top publishing
programs, with headers, footers, and page bodies.  Even more of a pain
when you use different printers with different printable areas, and you
want to print something as close to the edge as you can.

   *Ok, after consuming about an acre of pulp wood I believe I have
   identified the following:

   Page Setup under File allows me to adjust the distance from the top
   of the sheet to where the first line of text is printed. 0.4 inches
   [Top] seems to work.

   File > Print > Properties allows setting of the distance from the
   top of the sheet to the header line.  I set this to 0.1 inch [Top].

   Printing a Footer seems hopeless, but then all I really need is the
   URL of the source and that prints nicely in the header.

   Page Preview may look good but bears only a slight resemblance's to
   what the printer does.

   Bob Goodwin*

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