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Re: National-character conversion

On 31/01/07, Ulrich Drepper <drepper redhat com> wrote:
Tim wrote:
> Though, in this day and age, we've
> probably got to the stage where you're better off using UTF-8, rather
> than entities.

This is certainly the best advise.  If for some reason it's not
acceptable, there is recode:

$ echo Ä | recode -d ..HTML

Wow, recode is _nice_. I didn't know about this package before:

recode.i386                              3.6-22.fc6             extras
Matched from:
The `recode' converts files between character sets and usages.
It recognises or produces nearly 150 different character sets
and is able to transliterate files between almost any pair. When exact
transliteration are not possible, it may get rid of the offending
characters or fall back on approximations.  Most RFC 1345 character sets
are supported.

Dotan Cohen


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