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webcam support/hardware compatibility list

I'd like to buy a webcam that has good support in fedora,
preferably without any kernel patches/proprietary drivers.
Any suggestions?

Here are the web cams on my local Office Max shelf (or at
least are on their web site):

	Creative WebCam Live! Pro (VF0080)
	Creative Labs Live CAM Notebook Pro Webcam (VF0250)
	Creative Labs VF0070 Live! Ultra WebCam for Notebooks
	Creative WebCam Live! Ultra (VF0060)
	Logitech 961399 Labtec Webcam Plus
	LOGITECH 961422-0403 QuickCam Orbit MP Webcam
	Creative Labs Web Camera VF0180EF Live!
	Logitech QuickCam Chat
	Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000
	Logitech 961403-0403 QuickCam Fusion
	Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX
	Logitech Deluxe Quickcam for Notebooks
	Logitech QuickCam Chat for Skype (961556)

Which of these, if any, will "just work"?

I've looked at:

The fedora hardware compatibility list isn't maintained because
it's a rapidly moving target and the webcam howto doesn't give
me a warm fuzzy feeling that I can print it out and go to a local
electronics store and buy a webcam that will just work with fedora.
I don't need a list of webcams - I just want a reference for a
single webcam that is known to work well out of the box with
fedora core drivers and is on store shelves today.

Thanks in advance!


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