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Re: FC6 X.11 New Install Failure

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 14:57 -0500, Jeff G wrote:
> [repost attempt, since last one didn't seem to make it]
> on Dell Desktop PC w (standard) Intel/82865G Video adapter
> Not sure it's due to adapter, but I continually get a failure with new
> installation on Dell Desktop when it gets to trying to load
> xorg-x11-fonts-misc-7.1-2.noarch.rpm
> it says installating xorg-x11-drivers-7.1-3-i386 (0 bytes)
> [note: it really says 0 bytes]
> x.org x11 driver installation package
> It says package not found either missing or corrupt.
> Anyone have any ideas?

That sure as heck smells like a borked disk image.  It should be 4785
bytes for the i386 RPM and 4464 bytes for the x86_64 RPM.

I'd recommend you double check the ISO image you're using (do the
sha1sum on the image) before you reburn it.  The SHA1SUMs for the i386
version should be:

834fd761b9c0a5dc550d10d97307dac998103a68  FC-6-i386-rescuecd.iso
cc503d99c9d736af9052904a6ab14931b0850078  FC-6-i386-disc1.iso
3051710e6b2f1d17a14ede0ebb74761c29cda954  FC-6-i386-disc2.iso
5357ce21f8766db385b25923216a430b694bca5d  FC-6-i386-disc3.iso
d6133ab5ccf19431c14fd2ad85bce03c9834ef87  FC-6-i386-disc4.iso
22327af62d6376916e209b0c4934540e14d5664a  FC-6-i386-disc5.iso
6722f95b97e5118fa26bafa5b9f622cc7d49530c  FC-6-i386-DVD.iso

For the x86_64, they should be:

18d0a690db32fd5569b41acf4f1affeb0448d5fe  FC-6-x86_64-rescuecd.iso
5c976214a16b206761e37bbe5c98e53494b115ac  FC-6-x86_64-disc1.iso
e2f8375ba631f449d137a28d6947e493c631f198  FC-6-x86_64-disc2.iso
6c85acf08c7944362ba761cc32d1d26c612f327c  FC-6-x86_64-disc3.iso
6290f258630cedb82ca45bcaff6d02a122a002df  FC-6-x86_64-disc4.iso
7babc6131eb2ead65ca09b5efc475b7b212b0775  FC-6-x86_64-disc5.iso
38d975b6fa3b49262bc96df4bfd34d335c94ebb6  FC-6-x86_64-disc6.iso
550da315c09d8b58d4c80534ce5263d359e479be  FC-6-x86_64-DVD.iso

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