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Re: a question about perl scripts

Scott Berry wrote:
Hello there,
I have a perl script which I made a directory for in my home directory and I am currently unable to get the file to run. What permissions should be put on a pl file? I am assuming read and execute.

Correct, the file needs to be readable and executable by whoever is going to be running it. The first line of the file (the #! line) must also point to the correct location of the perl interpreter (#!/usr/bin/perl).

Normally you'd use something like

chmod 755 script.pl

..to make the script executable by anyone with read permissions on the directory it's in, and make it editable by you.

You should of course be able to run any perl script with just read permissions by doing:

perl script.pl

If you're still having problems then post the output you get when you try to run the script.

Hope this helps


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