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Re: SATA problems

Rohan Kulkarni wrote:

On 7/2/07, *Tim* <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au <mailto:ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>> wrote:

    On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 19:14 +0530, Rohan Kulkarni wrote:
     > My motherboard supports hard disk speed of 150MB/s but i get only
     > 15MB/s speed

    Have you double-checked that the figures you're reading at are bits per
    second or bytes per second?

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    important to the thread.)

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Yes I have checked with the motherboard specifications.It says that it supports a speed of 150MB/s.It is bytes for second.Though my hard disk supports native command queing my motherboard does not support it.

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It doesn't matter what speed your motherboard (SATA controller) supports if the disk speed is slower. What brand/model of disk do you have? What kernel version? How are you measuring the disk speed?



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