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Re: unexpected webcam side effect

pe, 2007-07-06 kello 08:43 -0400, Tom Horsley kirjoitti:

> Here's some behavior I've never seen before:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=247224
> My motherboard's CK804 audio system utterly vanishes
> if I have the webcam plugged in at boot time :-).
> Doesn't have anything to do with the highly alpha uvcvideo
> driver I was playing with because I found it fails
> even if the uvcvideo driver isn't installed. Apparently
> it is something about the USB microphone component of
> the webcam that gets linux confused at boot time.
> Anyone ever seen a USB device hide a non-USB device like
> this?
Hi Tom,

someone has. I've already commented your bugzilla report, but in
addition I'd like to mention that in April I wrote to Rhythmbox-devel
mailing list complaining about erratic Rhythmbox behaviour. 


I later found out that the problem was sound card non-detection if I had
my USB headphones plugged in at boot. The problem was already there in
Now that in F7 System->Administration is organized a bit differently
I've noted that at least as ordinary user I cannot get my motherboard
sound card (NVidia CK8S) detected while F7 is running. The only remedy I
know is to boot with USB headphones unplugged - and plug them in only
after F7 is up and running.



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