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Re: OT: The optimal time to buy RAM

Robert L. Cochran wrote:
This doesn't answer your question and isn't really helpful...but...I think the reason memory is so expensive is because of the taxes slapped on it in the USA and elsewhere. Most of what you pay for each stick of memory seems to be taxes. This in turn seems to be because Western companies such as Crucial cannot produce high quality memory as cheaply as Samsung (for example) does in Southeast Asia. So rather than compete with Samsung on price, Crucial (and other companies) persuaded the government to slap heavy taxes on the cheap southest asian memory.

So if I just happen to visit South Korea during my next vacation, I'm going to fill my pockets with 32 gigs or so of RAM, fly home with a wide smile, on my face, and buy myself a really cool multiprocessor motherboard which I will then populate with the 32 gigs and a bunch of AMD Opteron multicore processors. Then, I feel, I can database away to my heart's content.

Samsung... Umm, aren't they the company that got busted for both price fixing and dumping?

Mike Wright :m)

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