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Re: Yum annoyance: "[Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum" over and over

Andre Robatino wrote on Fri, Jul 13 2007 at 01:11 (-0400):
>  The problem here isn't connection quality and speed - even if every 
> one of the one or two dozen servers it has to go through is fast, it 
> takes a long time to go through them.  The strange thing is that I can 
> alternate between "yum update" and "yum clean metadata", and sometimes 
> it works on the first mirror, sometimes after one or two failures, and 
> sometimes after a few dozen.  

By default, yum chooses the mirror from the mirror list on a random
bases.  You can set 'failovermethod=priority' for the repositoriy to
force yum to go down the mirror list one by one.  Yet, the mirrorlist
itself coud be randomized.

> They tend to fail in bunches - either a lot of failures or very few.
> It wasn't like this until a few weeks ago - shortly but not
> immediately after F7 came out, I think.

I'm having this problem, too, though it does only happen with one or
two sites, not a dozen.  I added a '&country=de' to the mirrorlist URL
to at least get a mirror from my country.  The checksum errors reduced
in number since then, but did not vanish.




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