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Re: Possible case of ip forwarding

> I have migrated to linux from windows recently. The distro I am
> running is FC6 64 bit.
> I have a desktop running windows and a laptop running FC6.
> Can I have my desktop's internet traffic , go through my laptop
> ?
> Laptop is able to access internet without any issues. Please note
> that my laptop has only the single wireless NIC enabled(I dont want
> to enable my wired interface for this case) which it uses to go
> online.So no case of routing here.
> In other words , can my laptop , by being a standalone computer that
> it is , act as a default gateway for my desktop ?
> I changed my desktop's default default gateway to be my
> laptop's ip address.
> If I am confusing you guys , here's a small schematic
> illustration of my requirement :-
> Desktop ----------->>Laptop(ip=x.x.x.216) --> Internet
>  ip=x.x.x.78
> g/w=laptop ip
> Laptop's gateway is the default gateway of the network.
> My take here is that once the desktop's traffic is destined to
> the internet and hits the laptop's NIC , the laptop will drop it
> simply because it cannot reroute that packet on its own interface back
> to the gateway( If I am right about this statement ,
> then my question is , how can I tell my laptop to forward the
> connection or reroute it ?  Or is it possible at all ????
> Can I make use of ip forwarding here ?
Can the desktop connect to the laptop while it is connected to the
Internet? Are you trying to use the wireless card to connect to the
Internet and the desktop at the same time?

Just about any of the firewall packages will let you set up NAT on
your Linux box. This will let you share the connection. Without NAT,
you would need more then 1 IP address from your ISP to make it work.

Here's an excellent firewall script that'll get you NATting in no time
:-) Just adapt the var's to your requirements




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