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Tons of noob FC7 Questions!

I'm most recently a Ubuntu user, who recently switched to FC7.  But, I have some questions that I can't seem to find answers too:

1) How do I automagically add modules?  I need to modprobe uinput to get my fingerprint reader working.  Right now, I'm doing it in rc.local.  But, I assume there is a better way to do it, ala /etc/modules in debian distros.
2) Unsupported yum repos?  Are there unsupported repos out there that I can use to get bleeding edge software?  Right now, I'm missing some things like afio and mondo rescue.
3) Dual Monitor Setup:  I sometimes use dual monitors, and this is doing weird things:
   3a)  On one laptop that never moves (always has two monitors), the second one's wallpaper does screwy things after the screen saver restores.  The monitors are different resolutions (LCD is 1024x760, and Monitor is 1600x1200), which I think may be causing the problem.  (This may be just a gnome thing, but it worked flawlessly under ubuntu.
   3b) I'm considering modifying my "travel laptop" to get rid of the stationary one.  What'd I'd like is this: When I'm traveling, I'd like to use the monitor port, and xrandr so that I can do presentations.  But, when at home, in the docking station, I'd like the monitor port to be a dual monitor.  Is this possible?  Or -- perhaps I should approach it differently.  Is it possible to turn off the monitor port when traveling, but bring it up as a 1024 desktop when I want to do a presentation?  I know -- lots of non-fedora stuff in this one.
4) This one may be a bug:  NetworkManager "went away" on my stationary laptop.  I was pretty much only using it for vpnc, but now I can't find the notification window anywhere.  The tray area is there, and the power meter shows, but no NetworkManager applet.  Ideas?

Guess that's it for now!


David Frascone

Oxymoron: Safe Sex.
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