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Re: ntfs-3g

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I watched it and said Y and saw it load a devel file. I am not blind nor

Karl there are those of here who are starting to wonder....  Why don't
you listen to what you are told by those who know.  I know this is a
"users" list, but when a developer tells you something, please listen.
If you don't understand, read it again!  What you saw was not what you
thought you saw.  You remember what you want to remember.

If you don't believe me, do the following:

Look at your yum.log and see when you installed the various ntfs-3g
packages.  I'll bet that ntfs-3g got install when you weren't looking.

You can also list the packages to see which one contain the executable
files necessary to actually mount an ntfs filesystem, and which ones
contain the header files for development work.  Just like Rahul tried to
tell you!  Sheesh!


   Well idiot children, this is from /var/log/yum.log:

Jul 18 18:57:02 Installed: t1lib.i386 5.1.0-9.fc7
Jul 18 18:57:17 Installed: pdfedit.i386 0.3.1-1.fc7
Jul 20 13:41:56 Installed: ntfs-3g-devel.i386 2:1.516-1.fc7
[root k5di log]#

I got that with yum install *ntfs-3g* and it DOES make my mount ntfs work for the first time ever. You smart asses assume I am wrong and I am NOT!

Lay off calling me stupid. Look at your self in a mirror :-)


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